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Terms, Conditions and Privacy

Terms, Conditions and Privacy

1. This website is provide as is and no responsibility is taken for its accuracy, quality or functionality. We are not responsible for the conduct of persons or businesses featured on this site. Please evaluate yourself if advise or the service or products recommended to you by anyone associated with this website, are good for you.

2. The subject of EMF radiation or Electronic Pollution, as well as other environmental factors that this website may portray as potentially harmful or harmful, is very well likely to be under the allowable exposure guidelines set by governments around the world. Just like smoking in airplanes was acceptable one day, smoking was recommended by many doctors, lead paint was ok and other things that we now know are very bad for us. You as an individual should investigate yourself where you place your faith and any actions you take to mitigate environments, you do based on your own decisions.

3. Environmental medicine is the study of how the environment affects organisms. It is not a treatment or a cure. Whilst many may have found health successes through creating optimal environments to live and sleep in, there is no guarantee this will happen for you.

4. For those listing with us:
- This site, as listing service, is intended for EMF consultants who can physically go on-site to perform inspections and consult on mitigation, and for accommodation with low radiation environments. It is not intended for product manufacturers or distribution centres. It is our firm believe on-site assessments should ideally be done first before purchases are considered. Listings created for other than EMF services, as well as product focussed listings will be removed and paid fees will not be refunded.
- We value ethics and trust you will be open and honest with our visitors in relation to the fees you would be charging for your services, before they engage your services.
- We expect you to not make statements that are untrue or lie about your experience level or background. Do not make promises of health recoveries as this can never be guaranteed. Don't make statements that what you do is a medicine, treatment or a cure.
- We trust you to keep your information on this site up to date.
- We require you to only list your actual location and only have ONE listing for your one location. If you visit other cities regularly, you can still only have your listing where you and your business are actually located. Only if your business has multiple physical locations with staff available there, can you create multiple listings to reflect this. IF MULTIPLE LISTINGS ARE CREATED WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE A PHYSICAL PRESENCE IN ALL THOSE LOCATIONS, YOUR ADDITION LISTING WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT REFUND OF PAID FEES. IF MULTIPLE FREE LISTINGS WERE CREATED, ALL LISTINGS WILL BE REMOVED AT OUR DISCRETION AND WE WILL LIKELY REMOVE ANY NEW LISTINGS YOU TRY TO CREATE IN THE FUTURE. (This site is to create a true reflection of peoples locations. If you are available nation-wide, then just tick that as an option on your listing. Placing listings in places where you'd like to do more business, is not accepted.)
- We reserve the right to remove any listing from this directory at our sole discretion without consultation or notice and without refund of any fees paid.
- We reserve the right to remove any features on the site and also to reduce offered features that may have been part of the listing type you selected, which would not result in a refund or partial refund.
- We are not responsible for how this website or its functionality may effect you or your business.
- Free listings of your business added by us, were hand picked and are done as a gesture of support and friendship. They are simple representations of information found on you elsewhere on the internet. These can be removed by request is undesired. We personally review claims of ownership as they are submitted to us. If you find your 'business' in here and already claimed by someone else, it should be relatively easy to prove you own the business and we'd be keen to hear from you to correct this.

This site may collect information on your activities on this site, collect your information so it can be passed onto the people/company you intended to approach and you have an opportunity to register for a newsletter. Your information will not be passed on to unassociated companies, with exception of the people/businesses you wanted to contact. Your contact details will not be sold.
Blue Remora Pty Ltd is the business behind this website and its representatives may contact you to follow up on your experiences with people/business on our site in order to monitor quality interactions between the listed business on this site and the visitors (We don't want people listing on here that ignore inquiries or have questionable business practices). This may come in the form of a voluntary survey or an email asking for your feedback.

If you have any concerns, contact us via the contact form on the 'Contact Us' page.