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About Us


Finding the right person to help you can be difficult. We hope to make this easier for you.


Your body is amazing. It has a great capacity for healing. Lets create an environment that helps you thrive.


Sleep is key regenerative time. The bedroom must be right.


Your experienced professional will be able to guide you with verifiable and logical solutions.

Finding Wi-Fi-free accommodation or an EMF consultant to help with radiation at home, is what this website is all about. Creating a healthy home is important for health and wellbeing and sleeping in the same conditions during travels is desired by more and more people.

Having a healthy bedroom is the most important as it is the place where we are supposed to rest and regenerate. - The subject of electronic pollution in our lives can be overwhelming. Where do you go for advise? Who understands your concerns about EMF?The aim of this site is to offer a comprehensive database of professionals in the field of EMF radiation, who take it serious and can offer you guidance for at home or away.

This site is service focused rather than product focused as we believe it is the EMF consultants and medical practitioners that should guide your journey of investigation and mitigation of your environment. Buying products based on a gut feeling or even the use of an EMF meter often prove ill founded, a waste of money and time, and often don't have the desired results. With the help of an experienced person, and the use of then well picked high quality solutions, you maximize the chances of success.

We would value your feedback on your experiences with the professionals on this site.

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