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5 Things you should know about EMF radiation found in homes that can affect health

When thinking about the presence of radiation in a home, most people can’t imagine anything beyond the radiation that comes of the big transmission lines tracking through the country or power lines in the street. The truth is that most homes are affected by radiation that our bodies have to function despite of. Especially in a bedroom, the removal or reduction of EMF, is critical to allowing the body to rest and regenerate properly.

EMF Radiation protection to create healthier sleep and happier lives

EMF Radiation protection to create healthier sleep and happier lives

1. Sleep is what matters most when it comes to fixing EMF radiation

Your body work is such a way that it kind of ‘wears’ during the day, and ‘fixes itself’ during the night. In your body, many things change when you sleep and your body does the repair work then. It repairs the damage you’ve suffered during the day and it prepares you for the day that is coming. It is KEY REGENERATIVE TIME.

The average bedroom is terrible place to sleep due to radiation exposure from various sources. Some obvious, most unexpected. Subjected to the EMF radiation exposure found in most bedrooms, a body cannot be expected to function optimally. Therefor, as this is the place for self-healing, the bedroom must be perfect and out of a 24 hour period this is where we should focus our attention and finances when it comes to reducing EMF in our lives and helping our wellbeing.

Find the other things you need to know EMFs, below…

2. Wiring causes electric field radiation and is the unknown EMF – Few people know about it, and almost everyone has it in their bedroom

Electrical wiring emits electric field EMF when voltage is available. These electric fields radiate out about 2 meters/6foot. The wiring inside your bedroom wall produce this problem and any wiring running close enough to your bedroom. This 50 or 60 Hz field engulfs your body 50 or 60 times every second and your cells electrical receptors can’t be expected to function optimally.

In a proper home assessment, your consultant will assess with you WHICH and HOW MANY circuits are burdening you and your family in the bedroom. By having these circuits deactivated at night, the electric fields can be addressed in most bedrooms.

Electric field exposure in the bedroom is a common and unknown EMF (photo: Kayleigh Wall, AZ)
Electric field exposure in the bedroom is a common and unknown EMF (photo: Kayleigh Wall, AZ)

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Consultants in our industry may have followed different educational paths, trains of thought and approaches to dealing with EMF, but all are excited to change the world for the better... one house at a time. - This website will play an important role bringing EMF related services to families and my hope is it will also promote referrals between practitioners of different educational backgrounds. I sure look forward to helping more families through the professionals listed here, for home assessments, Radiation-free accommodation and more.

3. Radio Frequency Radiation (RF) from outside, always gets worse

More and more technology is being introduced out there. Phone towers, mini cellsites, smart meters, Wi-Fi systems, airport radar and navigation systems, satellites, AirGig, Airfibre, 2G, 3G, 4G…. 5G…. (what will 6G look like?). The sources of radiation are entering an area where even your well equipped EMF consultant will not be able to measure, simply because the instrumentation is unaffordable.

You could have no cell phone tower in sight, but installations like these several miles away, still affect towns caught in the cross fire.

You could have no cell phone tower in sight, but installations like these several miles away, still affect towns caught in the cross fire.

Most people who are mindful of EMFs and who are building a new house now, tend to incorporate shielding for the bedrooms regardless of what the RF levels are at the time of construction. They realise the exposure is only expected to increase and whilst construction is happening now, they get it over with and incorporate shielding at this time. – Might it be time to adopt the same line of thinking for an existing home? Should be not shield a bedroom for what we are being exposed to now (measurable or not) AND what we’ll get in the years to come?

When shielding against RF radiation, this is often best done with an approach that turns the bedroom or the whole house, in a faradays cage. Protecting you from all angles. When shielding just one wall, this comes with a liability to get your situation remeasured every year, to make sure your situation on your side of the one wall has not been made worse.

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4. Magnetic fields come from ‘power lines’, but also bad wiring and the soil

Magnetic fields are a serious problem at levels far below most governments set maximum exposure standards. Most people only think transmission lines are a reason to be worried about magnetic fields. This is incorrect.

Magnetic fields can come from transmission lines, street power lines, wiring and the soil

Magnetic fields can come from transmission lines, street power lines, wiring and the soil (photo: Elaine Hunolt, VA)

Magnetic fields are caused by a flow of current. Transmission lines are an obvious source but the local distribution lines in your street (above or under ground) can produce the same worying EMR levels as transmission lines can, hence your exposure could be coming from much closer than you thought.

Wiring in the home is normally not a problem because the hot/active wire and the neutral wire are close together and help cancel out the magnetic fields caused by current flowing. If the wiring was put in incorrectly or a fault has appeared, the internal wiring can be a source of very intense magnetic fields.

It is even possible to have current in the soil which can track into your home on your electrical systems connection to ground. Causing an imbalance of current in your home and magnetic fields in spades.

5. Homes should be professionally assessed for EMF radiation no matter where they are

It doesn’t matter if homes are close to transmission lines or not. All homes have enough EMF exposure from plenty of sources inside and outside the home. Your aim should be to create especially a bedroom that supports health recovery and protection… not just a bedroom where you can ‘just manage’ without symptoms.

Contact one of the EMF consultants on this directory, and get some sound advise. You’re worth it.

The largest online directory of EMF consultants and Wi-Fi Free accommodation

We though it was time to bring together a directory EMF consultants. The subject of EMF is not overly complicated but without formal training you as the layperson are bound to make mistakes when trying to reduce EMF in your home. We see it all the time… $100, $1000, even $10,000 or more spent on EMF ‘protection’ based on assumptions or based on readings of cheap EMF meters that people hardly know how to wield.

Getting a professional in your home will likely save you money by formulating a targeted approach based on a sound assessments using quality tools. It makes more sense than spending $400-800 on an EMF meter you really don’t know how to use or interpret. We trust this directory of EMF consultants will bring you close to those who know how to assess and mitigate the issues found in most homes.

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